The consortium

VIVAE project consortium includes two industry partners EATON and OSCARO Power and three from academia, G-SCOP, I2M and G2ELab.

The project is supported by ANR, the French Agency for Research Funding and Promotion.


Provides knowledge and expertise on converter design and optimization, implementation and usage. Based on its strong expertise in the design and manufacturing of power converter arrays, standardized building block converters and modular converters, G2ELab leads WP2 and contributes to the other WP by providing PE specifications, modeling and characterizations, as well as integrating other WPs constrains. G2Elab brings its ecosystem in the project, handling prototypes designs, manufacturing and testing but also its whole knowledge regarding power electronics usage contexts and constraints, the evolution of converter design as well as components and technologies undergoing considering the extreme dynamics in place today in the field.


Contributes to WP3 through its expertise on circular industrial systems and its ability to propose models and approaches for integrated design. This involves identifying levers from WP1, 2 and 4 to reduce the environmental impacts of the solutions and innovative life cycle scenarios identified while taking into account the economic and societal impacts, providing some recommendations in an iterative process. In addition, this research project supports the development of a consequential life cycle assessment foundation in the research team expertise. This emerging topic in academia will play a crucial role for integrating environmental considerations (including material circularity and energy efficiency) in medium to long-term scenarios that are highly subject to worldwide businesses changes and unpredicted variations of electronic-based products usage.


Has expertise on design for/from end of life, especially for EEE, and on the critical material value evaluation in products and urban mines. I2M started the development of an assembly line for mechatronic components using robot or cobot. This can be adapted for dis-assembly activities. I2M also develops interactive environment for complex system for developments that can be adapted for an interactive dis-assembly cell. I2M also has expertise in Product Services Systems, and the links with modular design or modular process to get back and recover components with a high residual value. This topic is cross connected with both product design, organisation and production / End of Life, information sharing and business possibilities.

Oscaro Power

A company making possible to buy solar panels and photovoltaic solutions online to allow citizens to manage their own energy production and consumption. As with the automotive parts market, they are disrupting the energy market with a very committed approach to optimising customer value. Their participation in WP 2, 3 and 5 is essential to supply the research activity with the industry viewpoint with respect to the end users, maintenance, collect and remanufacturing aspects.

EATON (Montbonnot/Grenoble area)

Is an international technology leader in electrical components and systems for power quality, distribution and control. It is a manufacturer in Power Electronics systems for energy stability and continuity. As a manufacturer, Eaton is the second critical industry research companion in the VIVAE project to benchmark conceptual and technological developments mainly from WP 2, 4 and 5.