Consortium Members

Scientific Coordinator: Peggy Zwolinski

The scientific coordinator of VIVAE project is Peggy Zwolinski (G-SCOP Laboratory). She is professor of engineering design and sustainable engineering at Grenoble INP – Univ. Grenoble Alps since 1999. She has conducted/participated to several projects in relation to ecodesign (GENESI/FP7 NMP 2011, ANR Convergence/2010, ANR IdCyclum /2011), design for remanufacturing (ERN/H2020 call NMP CSA 2015), Circular Economy (CIRCUIT/MSCA ITN 2016). She is now leading a large project ( focused on creating an agile remanufacturing system aimed at streamlining the process of repurposing used products within the scope of circular economy law.

The consortium combines several skills related to Power Electronics, Life Cycle Engineering and Integrated Design, to create more value for the solutions to push on the market

  • For the G-SCOP: Maud Rio (Ass. P.-UGA) works on Design to Environment (DtE) approaches (integrated methods and tools), with a focus on planetary boundaries consideration integrations in life cycle engineering product design processes, and product designers activities.
  • For I2M Bordeaux: Nicolas Perry (PR, Arts & Métiers), focuses on the end of life of products in connection with recycling schemes and is also interested in component dis-assembly/separation techniques using robots. He works with WEEE ecoorganism and recycling actors since nearly 10 years. Thècle ALIX (Dr) has expertise on PSS and modular / reconfigurable production systems, and the criteria for decision-making.
  • For G2ELAB: Yves Lembeye (PR – UGA ) works on passive components modelling and on design of PE converters based on modular design approaches. Jean-Christophe Crébier (DR-CNRS) is expert in system integration and modular PE converter design and implementation. Pierre Lefranc (MCF – Grenoble-INP) works in multi-criteria optimisation in the context of the development of PE devices. A research engineer will also be involved for implementation, testing and characterizations.
  • For OSCARO: Marion Perrin is a specialist in energy networks. She is deputy director of the lab.
  • For Eaton: the project manager for Circular Economy and Sustainable Development is the main contact in relation to the R&D department.

Ph.D. Student 1 : Tuğçe Türkbay is co-supervised between I2M and G2ELab

She is involved in product and process development for PE value recovery; investigating modularity and standardization opportunities, on one side and on how to physically exploit this converter segmentation to enable an eco-efficient, simple and effective repair and/or end of life value extraction. This analysis interact with the different type of product or service development. This work will also try to set virtual qualification requirements to drive the design of a virtual / physical testing phase. The value chain for 2nd life components also depend on the stakeholders (brokers, logistic…) and market (demand, prices…). This work will define the data structure (linked with the product data, life information and EoL process) to define the information structure linking all the phases of the life cycle of this type of PE converters.

Ph.D. Student 2 : Li Fang is co-supervised between G-SCOP and G2ELab

She develops the model and indicators supporting the integrated design of circular solutions for PE; developing Argus type indicators, defining and qualifying high/low value concepts to reintroduce retained value in usage or in supply chains while developing a systemic environmental vision. The aim will be to capture the expertise in the field of power electronics, in relation to the new value chains, in order to be able to translate it back to the design teams. This work will make it possible to link all the information relating to the designed system and its life cycle and to carry out various life cycle analyses to help with design decisions.

Postdoc 1 (I2M): 12MM Process POC on robotic/cobotic dis-assembly.

Postdoc 2 (G-SCOP/G2Elab): 12MM POC on modular converter/systemic and multi-criteria scenario testing.